The Weekly Update

This has been such a wonderful week. I was fortunate to start this week by getting to see my friend run the Boston Marathon. The rest of the week was spent relaxing, playing with Diz, and biking. It was supposed to rain for most of the week, but it fortunately kept getting pushed back. We got lucky with wonderful weather that wasn’t too hot! It is going to be hard to go back to school after such a wonderful time at home, but I only have two weeks left at school!


I also started running again since running the Bridge Run with my mom a few weeks back. I used to run all the time, but stopped when I started biking more last summer. I just didn’t have time to do them both. I used to be the type of person that could get up and run five miles without thinking about it just by running every once and a while. I was able to pull the Bridge Run out of nowhere, but I really want to get my running shape back. The hardest part is that to get out of my neighborhood, there is always a three quarter mile long hill, not the best warm-up. It is coming back, but really, really slowly.


Here are some things I am loving this week!

Tory Burch Sale // I definitely did some damage with this sale this week! It is going through Monday. It is the perfect sale to get some things for summer or for Mother’s Day!

Must Love Dogs // This is so true and something I already live by. Dogs are the secret to a happy life!

Dirty Lemon // I have been hearing about this, but I am unsure if it is worth a try! If anyone knows/has tried this, let me know!

Renovations // I love home renovations, and I am beyond excited to follow along with Julia and Thomas’s home renovations. Their house is already so amazing with so much character and I wish I had their brains when decorating!

Foodie // I have been following along this food Instagram for a while and Elisabeth recently started a blog! I cannot wait to try the blueberry crumb bars.

Young College Athletes // After watching my cousin’s middle school lacrosse game, I don’t think this could be closer to the truth. There is way more pressure on these young athletes than we realize. The media and parents and competitors all need to be aware of their extreme stress. 

What to Wear to a Wedding

My brother is getting married this June, which still seems so unreal. It is less than two months away! I am happy to be in the wedding party because that is one less dress I have to worry about finding. The dress I am wearing is this one.  All the bridesmaids are wearing different dresses for the wedding. My only concern about this dress are the tan lines! It has an open back, which is so pretty, but I naturally get random tan lines from biking, walking dogs, and being outside. I might have to get a spray tan for this wedding!

I still need to find a dress for the rehearsal dinner. I keep picking dresses and then changing my mind. I am on the fence about renting a dress from Rent the Runway too. I have a hard time finding dresses that are long enough. There are so many cute dresses that I find that are just too short. I get annoyed pulling down my dress constantly or worrying if anything is showing. There was a point where I would try to wear these short dresses anyway (didn’t go well, but what else is college for) that I have since given to my sister.

Here are some dresses I am deciding between! These dresses could also work well if you are attending a wedding too.

1 // 2 // 3
4 // 5 // 6
7 // 8 // 9
10 // 11 // 12

If anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears! Send them my way!!

Boston Strong

I had the most inspirational start to my week. I was fortunate to get to watch my friend kick the Boston Marathon’s butt! I flew up to Boston on Sunday night after spending Easter with my family. After a  little bit of a hectic plane departure (sitting on the tarmac for over an hour waiting to get off), I got to my friend Katelyn’s apartment.


We got up early the next day to drive her into the city and see her off to the buses for the start line of the race. Our goal was to make it to as many spots along the route (hoping for three) to see her go by. We made it to two spots and the finish line to cheer her on! I was so happy to have friends in Boston to help get us around. It would have been really confusing otherwise!

Katelyn is one of the people who sets amazing goals and actually reaches them. Each time we saw her throughout the day, she was smiling and so positive. It was so great to be there to cheer her on. She is someone that I wish I could be more like. I love her to death and am so lucky to have her in my life.


The most amazing site was the finish line. People were trucking along to get to the finish. Some people were hurting and others were flying by. Runners pulled out their phones to take pictures and videos of the finish line. The crowds were going crazy. It was such an amazing experience and I am so glad I got to experience my first Boston Marathon.

I flew out early the next morning. I was so inspired by this day that I spent all my time looking up marathon information- what marathons were in my area coming up and how to qualify for Boston. We’ll see if this bucket list dream can get pushed up the list!

Graduation Dresses

Graduation for me is extra special. I was able to skip a year of college when getting accepted into graduate school, but this was really bittersweet. I didn’t get to have a senior year of college to relax and spend time with my friends. I also didn’t actually graduate from college. I had the credits I needed to move on and off I went. It has taken me seven years, three years of undergraduate and four years of graduate school, to finally graduate from college. The running joke in my house is that I am the college drop out. Needless to say, I am beyond excited to finally graduate!!

These are photos from my high school graduation seven years ago! 

For me, finding the perfect dress is a must! When I graduated from high school, everyone wore white dresses under our white gowns. These gowns were paper thin and you could see right through them. Now, I am graduating in a black gown with a hood, so no one will actually see what I am wearing unless it is before or after, but this also allows us to wear whatever we want. I am really torn between wearing a white dress and a colorful dress. Lilly Pulitzer has the best white dresses, and who doesn’t need a new white dress? But, a great dress that I can wear all summer in a pretty print is the flip side!

1 // 2 // 3
4 // 5 // 6
7 // 8 // 9

For my graduation dress, I want something that is fun and comfortable. Straps are important to me because I cannot fidget with my dress when it is under a gown. I get too warm way too easily, so I want a dress that is light and airy that won’t make me sweat under the lights (our graduation is in an auditorium and not outside). Dresses have to be reusable for me! I am still a college student and my dress cannot break the bank. With less than one month until graduation, I have to make a decision and soon!

Working Out Without the Gym

School is super stressful and doesn’t leave many hours to worry about your health and fitness. I know I am not the only one who goes to school before the gym opens and leaves after it closes. Or sometimes you have to plans and commitments and loved ones/pets counting on you and can’t go to the gym after school/work. It also stinks to pay for a gym membership you only use once a month. It isn’t worth the money at that point. You end up eating junky food and not being your best self. The rut just keeps getting bigger.


I found that I needed a way to do some workouts without going to the gym. I needed a way to feel sore and accomplished in a short period of time that I could do at any time of day. I hit google to help me figure out what was next. That is when I found the BBG program. It has three strength conditioning and three cardio workouts per week. I am able to consistently do cardio by riding my bike on the trainer, but I needed it for the strength work. These are thirty minute workouts that you can do almost anywhere!

The workouts need weights and a medicine ball and a way to do step ups. Some other equipment is also needed, but I usually just fudge it when I am at home without it. I got weights and a medicine ball off Amazon because it was hard for me to get to a store. These workouts really work your arms, legs, and abs. It really does a good job of making you feel sore the next day. I also felt like I noticed results quickly when I do the workouts consistently. For example, I barely could do push-ups when I started and often had to cheat to my knees. Now, I can do fifteen push-ups in a row. Progress! No matter how big or small, it is progress.


I usually do these workouts in my living room with a yoga mat. My dogs are always so helpful, licking my face as I do pushups or ab work, making it just a little harder. The time flies by with TV on in the background. Since being home more recently, I have been working out outside, which is so refreshing!


My favorite move is the commando, where from a plank position you move to a push-up position and back to a plank position. It works your core and upper body. It always seems to be at the end of the work-out when my arms are shaking. I work on these almost everyday, regardless of whether I did a full work-out that day or not.

This program comes as an app on your phone, which is great because it is always with you! If you are on vacation and traveling, visiting a friend, or whatever, this workout can be done. Keeping you on a schedule and consistent. I highly recommend it if you need something to kick start your summer body!

The Weekly Update

I have been loving my time at home. The weather has been so unbelievable that I just spend all my time outdoors. I have been laying outside on the dock while Dizzy goes in and out of the water. I got a little burned on Monday (even though I was wearing leggings and a tank top) and have been lathering on the sun screen ever since.

Thank goodness Dizzy’s feet are finally feeling better. When I tried to take her for a walk on Tuesday and Wednesday, she was a little reluctant to go. She dragged on the way out and was so happy when we turned home which is not like her at all. Thursday she had her spunk back and she is finally walking normally!

I pulled my good camera out these past few days. I usually just take photos with my phone, but with all my spare time I decided to spend it working on my photography skills. My mom always says that you need a nicer camera the worse you are at taking pictures. I really wish I knew how to use my camera’s features. Dizzy has been my subject but she is honestly starting to get annoyed. I accidentally linked all my photos from my computer to my phone and added seven thousand photos onto my phone’s camera role. Oops! I am still working to correct that one!

Here are some things I have been loving this week!

Man Running Appalachian Trail
This Adorable Elderly Couple
How to Fold a Napkin
Cattle Dogs are So Weird
I NEED This Car

Spring is Here!

Now that it actually feels like spring is here, I have started pulling out my spring clothes and sandals. When I was packing to go to Charleston with my mom, I realized that most of my sandals are neutral colors. I love spring because you can wear bright colors all the time! I practically lived in my Tory Burch Miller sandals last summer, so I am hoping to get some new colors for this season. I also love the Jack Rogers Lauren Sandals because you don’t have to break them in!

Here are some of my favorite sandals for the season!


1 // 2
3 // 4
5 // 6