Collegiate Cycling

This fall, my brother convinced me to join our school’s mountain bike team. And by join, I mean start the team. Our school has a fantastic road cycling team that competes in the ECCC division. He got in contact with the team and started a mountain bike team.

The mountain bike team competes in the fall where the road team competes in the spring. We compete in the ECCC division in the cross country division.  These races are weekend events where there are both a cross country and a downhill event on both Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, we have had to miss the Sunday events at both weekends thus far due to school or another bike race.

For the cross country division, you compete in either the cross country or short track. The cross country events are different then I am used to racing. Here, you compete in multiple short laps, rather than one large lap.


Most of our races are far north. So far, we have traveled to Massachusetts and Burlington, Vermont. This past weekend we took both of our dogs as well. They were great in the car, but fourteen hours in two days is probably their limit. This weekends race in Burlington was by far my favorite of the two. It had fast, flowy singletrack and some harder technical rocky sections. I have only been mountain biking for about a year now, and technical sections are still really difficult.


My brother and I brought both of our dogs on the trip. They were fantastic in the car for fourteen hour trip, seven hours each way. Dizzy weirdly rode with her head smushed for most of the way home. We were sure happy to finally get back to Philly and take these guys for a nice walk.


Hello World!

Hi! We are Julie and Dizzy! Just two girls looking to share our adventures- whether they are small or big. We are finishing up our last year of graduate school in Philadelphia before we head off into the real world as adults.


We have a love for the great outdoors! We are constantly out hiking and exploring, crashing through some trails on my mountain bike, or just enjoying soaking up some rays.

We hope you enjoy our adventures to come!