A Weekend full of Biking

This past weekend was a whirlwind of biking. It was both the Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championship and a favorite family ride. Nationals were in Snowshoe, WV with  the short track race on Friday and the cross country race on Saturday. The weekend continued with the Paranormal 6-hour race on Saturday night in Charlottesville, VA. Organizing this was a logistical nightmare.

Heath drove out to Snowshoe on Thursday night with both Dizzy and Oakley. I could not drive out until Friday afternoon from Asheville, so I missed the short track race on Friday. He did great and got 10th. After, he took Dizzy and Oakley out for a short ride on the trail and pre-rode the cross country course for the following day. Continue reading “A Weekend full of Biking”

Exploring Asheville

While in Asheville for school, my friends, Jill and Julianna, and I tried to explore and try as much of Asheville as we could. It was hard to get to everything because we were told so many different places to go and it was just too much for only two weeks!

We unfortunately never made it to the Biltmore. It was at the top of our list, but the Biltmore is an all day activity and it closes at 5pm. We didn’t get out of our rotation until around 4pm, making it impossible to get there! This gives us a great excuse to come back!

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Favorite Fall Activities

I absolutely love fall weather, when the leaves change color and crisp fall morning. I love to wear cozy sweaters and curl up by the fire to roast some marshmallows! Dizzy prefers the chilly weather with all of her fluff.

Heath and I traveled up to Massachusetts and later Vermont in September when the leaves were just barely beginning to change. We would see an occasional to somewhat rare orange and red tree.

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Fun Front Doors

My dad and I were biking the other day through our neighborhood, and naturally, we started to house shop, picking out what we did and did not like. At this slower pace, I was able to notice the front door. Seems silly to have never been able to really notice them before.

There are so many fun colors! People have really been picking colors to pop compared to the rest of their house. It is unexpected in many houses and it makes a bright difference! Here are some of the photos I took along my ride of my favorite fun and surprising front doors!


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What a Weekend to be a Tiger

There is nothing quite like a football game in Death Valley at the Clemson stadium. My two best friends from graduate school are both Clemson grads, and they have made me a converted Clemson Tiger fan. This past weekend, we traveled down to Clemson from Asheville for the game vs NC State which also happened to be the homecoming game! Julianna’s boyfriend, Michael, was also able to travel down which was an added bonus! We had a fantastic tailgate with Bojangles, buffalo chicken dip, pulled pork, hotdogs, endless desserts, and so much more organized by Jill’s parents and sister!


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