About My Best Friend

Five years ago I convinced my parents I needed a puppy. I had struggled through my freshman year of college and lost my childhood dog a few months previously. I needed a pick-me-up. Enter this little ball of fluff.

We brought her home and took her to go see my mom at work. Dizzy was one nervous girl and was shaking. My mom took one look at her and said, “why did you pick this dog and she needs a bath.” My mom quickly changed her tune. Dizzy was a great puppy. Sure, she chewed up her fair share of shoes and a couple of backpacks, but she learned quick and loves our family.

We joined Chesapeake Search Dogs, a search a rescue team dedicated to finding the lost and missing (more on this to come). In Philadelphia, we attempted fly ball (not our thing) and are currently taking agility lessons. She loves to go outside for hike and she even tries mountain biking from time to time. Her favorite thing above all is to go swimming. No matter the temperature, this girl will plop down in a stream or creek.

She’s a pretty special girl, if I do say so myself.


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