Army Collegiate Race

This weekend my brother, Heath, and I drove up to Port Jervis, NY for a collegiate mountain bike race. We were super nervous about driving up there if the rain was going to be persistent. Biking in the rain makes all the obstacles and the path super slippery waiting to knock me off my bike. We were incredibly lucky that it did not rain on Saturday!

The course was fast and flowy making with only one rocky section, making it my kind of course. I lost my beginners luck and go a flat tire within the first two miles. I was within 100 yards of the bike mechanic’s tent so I ran over there, and he helped me change my tire. I can change a flat tire but I am not fast. Plus he had a bike pump which is easier than a CO2 cartridge. I ended up popping back on the course and finished the lap for fun knowing that I was no where close to any of the other riders.

There were some beautiful views along the course, so I stopped to take some pictures! Once I finished, I just hung around at the finish to cheer on the finishers. It was kind of fun to be a spectator, but I definitely would have rather been biking!

img_5960Heath and I stayed for the short track race because it was the same day as the cross country race. Here, you do as many laps as you can in a certain time period. The laps were short and took about five minutes to get around. It was a completely different type of riding compared to what I have done before. Not my favorite, but it’s fun to try something different.

Heath napping between races

Dizzy did not come on this trip because I traveled from home and picked up Heath and Oakley from Philly. She would have more fun at home where she can run around compared to spending all weekend in a car. Oakley got to go out and ride the trails between races, and he had a blast!



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