House Reno

Almost fifteen years ago, my grandmother moved into this cute little cottage. It was great because each time we would go boating, we would get to see my grandmother. We often ate dinner with her and catch up with her in the evening, unless she was out playing games with her friends. She would sit on the back deck and watch us go back and forth on the boat for hours. It was infinitely better than seeing her only major holidays and a few other times a year.


As she got older, it became harder for her to keep up the house inside and out, and it was harder to liver on her own. So, she moved out into an assisted living home, and we rented the house out to some family friends and later family.

From watching hours of HGTV, my mom and dad got the idea to renovate the entire house. However, when taking an architect and general contractor through the house, many problems became evident with the house. It was going to cost almost as much to fix this house as it would be to build a new house, so they chose the latter.

We worked for months to perfect the plans. Just this past week, they took the old house apart and started to level out the ground. It is unbelievable that after over year of talking about this project, it has finally really started!



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