Dizzy’s Fitbit

Whistle is an activity tracker for dogs! If you, like me, track your steps everyday and obsess over your step competitions, you need a Whistle for your dog. There are two types of Whistles. One tracks their activity and the other tracks their activity and has a built in GPS. I received my Whistle as a birthday gift a few years back before the new Whistle was released.  I like just the activity tracker because it is a little smaller and does everything I need! Dizzy also is not one to run off or chase things so I didn’t feel the need for the GPS for her.

It tracks Dizzy’s minutes throughout the day. I set a daily goal of activity that she has to meet.  It keeps a tally of your “streak” to let you know how well you have done keeping her active. Dizzy’s Whistle also helps me be more active because I always need to reach her goal! My friend’s dog has an 839 day streak!

I was worried that the Whistle would be too big for my mom’s dog who is a Norwhich terrier. Oliver, the Pomeranian above, wears his always and it never causes him a problem!

Our dogs visited the Rocky steps this spring. All three have their Whistles on in this picture!

There are even some fun features that allow you to track if she has been fed, great if multiple family members are taking care of the dog, and you can keep track of medical information. You can also post pictures to allow your friends and followers to see what you are up to!

Learn more about them here!


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