Seagull Century

The Seagull Century is a great 100 mile road ride starting at Salisbury University in Maryland! It is a super super flat ride with crazy headwinds at times. Growing up, my dad rode this ride almost every year with his friends, and I put it on my bucket list. In my junior year of college, I got my first road bike and set out to do the Seagull Century. Unfortunately, I only made it 90 miles. I turned around before the bridge to Assateauge Island because I was exhausted and tired and I knew I still had 50 miles to go. I struggled to finish the ride, and I was extremely disappointed in myself.

This fall, I convinced my dad to ride it with me. He has been riding 100 mile mountain bike races, so 100 miles on the rode should have been no problem for him and I had been riding my bike a lot. Cue hurricane Matthew. My dad loathes riding in the rain- the wet and cold and rain in your eyes makes him not the best riding partner.

So, we checked the weather constantly in the days leading up to the ride on multiple sites. The night before it looked like 10% chance of rain until 11am and then in increased to 50% at noon. We figured out that if we left at 7am we could finish the Metric Century, which was 66 miles, by 10:30am.

Setting out with positive no rain attitudes, we set out and rode in some quick pacelines. Somewhat regretting our choice of routes as we turned off the main route and chose the metric century, my dad and I seconded guessed our choice for the next miles. This regret was short lived. Lesson learned- you can never trust the weather man. About 15 miles or 45 minutes into the ride, the rain started, but we powered on. Our heads were down to avoid the rain flinging off the back tire.

The rain picked up around mile 50 and we were happy with our choice of a shorter ride. We made it to the finish with smiles on our faces and still a spring in our step. Then, we got what we came for- the t-shirt. I mean, why else would you get up super early to ride your bike in the rain?


I love this ride and I cannot wait until next year when I try again to complete the ride and earn my t-shirt.


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