What a Weekend to be a Tiger

There is nothing quite like a football game in Death Valley at the Clemson stadium. My two best friends from graduate school are both Clemson grads, and they have made me a converted Clemson Tiger fan. This past weekend, we traveled down to Clemson from Asheville for the game vs NC State which also happened to be the homecoming game! Julianna’s boyfriend, Michael, was also able to travel down which was an added bonus! We had a fantastic tailgate with Bojangles, buffalo chicken dip, pulled pork, hotdogs, endless desserts, and so much more organized by Jill’s parents and sister!



The game was incredibly stressful. The Tigers did not seem to have their usual pep and came out a little flat, and NC State was full force. It was down to the final two seconds, and the NC State kicker missed the game winning field goal. The field goal was at the opposite end of the stadium, so for us it appeared to go through the uprights. The Hill went wild, which was when we realized that he missed. The stadium went CRAZY! Clemson won in overtime and we celebrated the win until late in the evening.


Clemson stormed the field after the win

We visited the downtown Clemson after the game to keep celebrating and ran into some friends from Philly and some of Jill and Julianna’s friends from Clemson. Getting up in the morning was tough and we did not want to leave Clemson. It is so beautiful and such a positive atmosphere. Michael and I set a lifetime goal to buy season tickets to keep the tradition going, even though neither of us graduate from Clemson. I am looking forward to our future adventures down in Death Valley!


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