Favorite Fall Activities

I absolutely love fall weather, when the leaves change color and crisp fall morning. I love to wear cozy sweaters and curl up by the fire to roast some marshmallows! Dizzy prefers the chilly weather with all of her fluff.

Heath and I traveled up to Massachusetts and later Vermont in September when the leaves were just barely beginning to change. We would see an occasional to somewhat rare orange and red tree.

Here are some of my favorite fall things I cannot wait to do!

Apple picking! The best part of apple picking is the after part. Yes, the snacks and sweets you get to eat at the farms are delicious, but it is so fun to put your apples to use! My favorite is a homemade apple pie, made best always by my Pop-Pop.

Carving the best pumpkin can get a tich competitive in my family. My dad was always the best. He would is known for taking a photo, drawing it on paper, and then using his drawing to make carving. I love carving pumpkins with friends and family and enjoying the results for weeks to come. Plus, you can roast your pumpkin seeds as an extra treat!

I love reading blogs and searching Pinterest for great fall and pumpkin flavored recipes. My friend Jill made some amazing pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for me after a long emergency overnight shift that I recreated with this recipe! There were outstanding and super easy to make! I cannot wait to try these cookies, these apple cider floats, and this popcorn recipe as well.


Pumpkin everything! I do not normally shop at Trader Joes when I am in Philly, but when I was down in Asheville my friends and I went. They have pumpkin everything and anything. I was overwhelmed and wanted to purchase them all. We limited our purchases to pumpkin coffee, pumpkin creamer, pumpkin cookie butter, and a real pumpkin to decorate our room. The pumpkin cookie butter was unreal and a must! Definitely invest in this with friends to prevent you from just eating the whole jar by the spoonful.

FullSizeRender (17).jpg

I love hiking in the fall. Honestly, just being outside in general makes me happy! The trees are changing colors making the views even more breathtaking than usual. And it is not sweltering outside. I often have to dress in layers which I peel off as necessary. Often at the top when we stop to take in the views and eat a snack, it gets chilly making the layers great to put back on! It is also so much fun when you have a dog to take with you! I know Dizzy loves to be out of the city and really enjoys the woods and trails.


When I grow up and am able to take long vacations, I plan to travel north to Vermont to spend a weekend at a bed and breakfast and watch the leaves changes (maybe even visit a maple syrup festival).


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