Exploring Asheville

While in Asheville for school, my friends, Jill and Julianna, and I tried to explore and try as much of Asheville as we could. It was hard to get to everything because we were told so many different places to go and it was just too much for only two weeks!

We unfortunately never made it to the Biltmore. It was at the top of our list, but the Biltmore is an all day activity and it closes at 5pm. We didn’t get out of our rotation until around 4pm, making it impossible to get there! This gives us a great excuse to come back!

Wicked Weed is a local brewery and restaurant. This was our first dinner in Asheville and a much needed beer after traveling in the car for 10 hours (including our stops). I had spent some of the trip searching for a great restaurant and come across this brewery. It was delicious! The beer was top notch, making me wish it was available up in PA. They also have a sister brewery called Funkatorium with only sour beers.

Wicked Weed Shopimg_2936img_2935

White Duck Taco a casual restaurant with great crazy tacos! Our drinks came in cute mason jars which were much needed after a long first day! We got queso and chips as an appetizer which were extremely cheesy, salty, and delicious and a side of cheesy grits!  of I tried the Fish Tacos and Bangkok Shrimp, but there were so many other great options to choose from. It has an awesome patio and had a vibe.


Grove Park Inn is a fantastic resort towards the top of the mountain with the most amazing views. We went one afternoon to watch the sunset and have a glass of wine. It was breathtaking. There are a few restaurants here as well if you want to go for dinner instead of just drinks.



Asheville Brewery is a great local brewery with a large outdoor porch and relaxed feel. There was a great feel to the area and fun place to just hang out outside! They had an area to play cornhole as well!


If you like exotic ice cream flavors, The Hop is the place for you. They also have the regular flavors if you aren’t feeling adventurous! We tried Buttermilk, Pumpkin Pepita Coconut milk, and One World Black Cherry Stout, and all were delicious!

The French Broad Chocolate Lounge is the place for an adult dessert! They make alcoholic floats. They have delicious homemade ice cream in cider, beer, or sparkling wine. Plus, there are tons of other desserts including cakes, pastries, and chocolate.

Cook Out. Now this is not an Asheville exclusive, but it is a southern states exclusive. I had never been before, and Jill and Julianna raved about their milkshakes. After going, I completely understand! There were delicious and that they had so many fun flavors.

img_3369Noble Cider has only ciders on tap all brewed in their factory! These are not traditional super sweet ciders. The bartender was great. She could tell we were confused and took us through a tasting of all the ciders, which was must needed because I would have had no idea what to get! We even got some ciders in bottles to take home.


Tupelo Honey is my new favorite restaurant. We went there for dinner one night and really needed a pick me up. They have a super cute interior where the bar overlooks the kitchen. The menu had incredible options making it impossible to choose. They have a great drink menu with cocktails, beer, ciders, and wine. Plus, they give you delicious southern biscuits while you wait for your meal! There are thirteen other locations, and a must if you see one!


Sierra Nevada Brewery blew me away. We met my friend Giuliana who lives in Clemson  and her boyfriend here. We were expecting a small brewery and restaurant like we had seen before, but it was a giant beautiful building with so much to explore. They had two restaurants, lawn games, an outdoor firepit, an outdoor self-guided tour, and so much to explore. You could easily spend the whole day there! They also do tours, which we really wanted to do, but they were sold out for the entire month of October. So plan ahead!

FullSizeRender (30).jpgfullsizerender-29

Our list of places to go was pages long. These are just the places we made it to in two weeks. I need to go back and try the other restaurants and breweries, and I have to go to the Biltmore!


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