Happy Howl-o-ween!

Halloween was one of my favorite holidays growing up. I loved to dress up with my family and go out and get tons of candy. It was always the best when you saw your school friends out on the sidewalks! I didn’t care about what anyone else was being or if my costume was cute enough.We went full throttle in our house.

My mom always made sure we had a great halloween filled with mazes, pumpkin picking, pumpkin carving, pumpkin seeds, family and friends, and so much more! One year, she made a skeleton of milk jugs. She tied it up in a tree along our front walk to a string on our second floor landing. As trick-or-treaters approached the front door, we would drop the skeleton right above them. So many screams!

My mom was also extremely great about documenting everything we did as kids. I am working really hard to start this tradition. There is nothing better than looking back at your photos on Timehop or with friends!


We were lost and exhausted in this maze

Now, halloween is more about the kids knocking on my door or carving pumpkins before halloween, getting in the halloween spirit, and less about my costumes. My first year in Philadelphia, my roommate and I got all set for trick-or-treaters. We got a huge bowl of candy to pass out and waited by the front door. But, no one came. Not one single kid in a costume. We were beyond disappointed.


Our pumpkin carving has really progressed as we have gotten older. My dad began to get tired of the same old jack-o-lanterns, so he started to make his own patterns using photos or online drawings. Then, we got to put in requests! Here are some of my favorites of the years!

When I was in my first three years of grad school, Dizzy and I would visit the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia to see the kids. For Halloween every year, the dogs get dressed up for the event. The kids love to see the costumes. We also pass out candy which they think is pretty great too. So many of these kids and families reside here for weeks and months that these dogs really bring them so much joy!



I am excited to be moving into a house in the spring where I can decorate it for the seasons, especially Halloween! Plus, I will be in a neighborhood with a bunch of kids to pass out candy!


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