My family has a pack of four dogs that are rough and tough and they all get along really well. In Philly, it is just Dizzy and Oakley, and my brother and I have a great system. Having two extremely active dogs in a small apartment in Philly is extremely hard. These guys love to run and play, which is why my brother often goes home to get him and Oakley a break. I watched my friend’s dog when he was away.  Continue reading “Puppy-sitting”

Outdoor Fireplaces

I have been watching a lot of Flip or Flop recently where they are focusing on outdoor spaces. Their finished projects are over the top beautiful with incredible finishing touches. One even had a bocci ball court! As the cold weather starts to set in, I have really been craving a great outdoor fire pit like the one’s they have pictured.  Continue reading “Outdoor Fireplaces”

Search and Rescue

Chesapeake Search Dogs is a non-profit volunteer organization that is dedicated to finding the lost and missing. They are called out by the police to search areas or buildings for a specific person who is lost or injured. The most common incidents are when a person is at a great risk either due to age or diminished capacity, or lost hiker. Continue reading “Search and Rescue”

It’s a Family Affair

Last weekend, my brother Heath received his white coat in preparation for clinics starting in January. My family and grandmother made the trip up to Philly for the ceremony bringing two more dogs into our tiny apartment. The ceremony started at 5:30pm causing me to run from the hospital to the ceremony. I snuck in with moments to spare. Continue reading “It’s a Family Affair”

Sista Sista

My sister came up to visit last weekend and she brought her own little nugget, Kiwi. I haven’t seen her in four weeks, which for us is a long time. There was nothing special for the weekend, except for some good ole sister bonding. She came up before I was finished with my patients on Saturday, which was perfect because she went and played my both dogs while I finished.

Continue reading “Sista Sista”

Staying Motivated

When I first started college, I was overwhelmed by all the free time time I had. I went from playing a sport year round, taking many AP classes, playing trumpet in the wind ensemble and jazz bands, and filling what little time I had left with other clubs and extracurriculars. By the time I got home at night, I was usually exhausted. However, with what little time I had, I was extremely productive because I had to be.

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