Beat the Bridge

This weekend my mom, Paige, Aunt Tracey, and two cousins, Katie and Tavia, took the challenge to run across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. It is a 10K run starting on the western shore of Maryland and cross the bridge to the eastern shore. The hardest part is the beginning where you head up over the bridge for two miles straight. It isn’t super steep, but you don’t stop going up hill. The best part is the three mile down hill after hitting the top. There was also a huge crowd cheering us on the whole way across the bridge.


Doing this race with family meant even more. My sister and mom trained for this for a while because 6 miles is a lot for them. Katie is working on getting in shape for track this winter and has never run that far. My Aunt Tracey can run forever, so we knew she would do great. Tavia, the youngest member of our crew, has never run that far and did amazing! We were so proud of her for running this race!


After the race, they had everything you could imagine. We chose the healthy options of hotdog, kettle corn, and deep fried Oreos! So delicious. It was such a beautiful day that we hung out by the stage to listen to some music and enjoy the sunshine. Definitely a great way to end the weekend! We are already planning our next big group race!



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