House Update

I had no idea how fast a house could be built. It felt like just last week that my grandmother’s house was still standing. Then, yesterday when there was a foundation that progressed to a first floor. When my mom took us to see the progress, I was in shock. There is so much of the house already up.


Two weeks ago we visited and most of the first floor was built and the house felt really small. I had no imagination to put all the room sin this one square space. Just two weeks later, there are walls to separate each room and to make up the outside of the house. It made the house feel so much bigger. The start of the second floor is also going up already! It is also really exciting to see the parts we added to make the house our own. There are some built in reading nooks an in the living room and a banquet bench in the kitchen. The windows are all but out too which is great to see how much light will come in.


It is super exciting and super nerve-racking all at the same time. There is still so much to pick in terms of flooring,  paint colors, and fixtures that I feel behind. I also keep changing my mind which is driving my sister and mom crazy! We did pick out the front door last week which was a huge decision. It is something that will be apart of the house for many years to come! It was a choice I was really happy with from the moment it was picked!


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