Greenville, South Carolina

I have visited Greenville, South Carolina a few times and lived there for two weeks earlier this spring. Each time, I fall in love even more. It is a cute small town with so much charm and character. I can picture myself walking down main street with Dizzy and running down through Falls Park. There are so many shops to poke through and great restaurants to eat at. It is one of my favorite places. It is also in a great geographic location- close to Asheville, Charlotte, and of course, Clemson!

FullSizeRender (24).jpg

We happened to be there this weekend during Fall for Greenville, where there was so much food to try and a fantastic beer garden. There was any type of food you could possibly imagine from southern barbecue to indian food to amazing fried desserts! All the beers were from local breweries which was great to try. I have such a bad habit of just sticking with what I know and not branching out.


We had drinks at Roost which has a great atmosphere with plenty of outdoor seating. It is also great for people watching. The best part was the heat lamps to keep us warm on this chilly fall night. Then, we went over to SIPs which is a great rooftop bar and cozy couch seating. They also had some fun drinks to try!


I love walking down through Falls Park and down the Reedy river. It is a beautiful path that winds through downtown and runs next to their waterfall. A must see you are down in Greeneville. There are many coffee shops right by the path and a great place to enjoy your morning coffee.

I cannot wait until I get to go back. I always want to go for a longer period of time and get to really explore and check off all the best places to go! There are also a ton of fantastic hiking and biking venues I cannot wait to explore too!


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