Sista Sista

My sister came up to visit last weekend and she brought her own little nugget, Kiwi. I haven’t seen her in four weeks, which for us is a long time. There was nothing special for the weekend, except for some good ole sister bonding. She came up before I was finished with my patients on Saturday, which was perfect because she went and played my both dogs while I finished.

After, we went and took the dogs to a park nearby and played with the dogs. They were both packed full of energy and enjoyed running around. The girls love each other in a very sisterly, herding dog way. Dizzy is definitely the older sister and in charge, where Kiwi just constantly pushes Dizzy’s buttons to see what she can get away with.

Paige only comes up to visit if I take her somewhere good to eat dinner. I know her favorite by far is The Fat Ham, so of course we went. It is a fantastic small plates southern inspired restaurant. I love small plate restaurants because you get to try so much more because you share everything! We got some usually favorites and tried a few new things on the menu. After, we headed to a friends house to watch the Clemson Tigers beat Florida State in an add ten years to my life kind of game. This has been one of way too many close calls this season.

The next day we went to the Wissahickon Park, a large park right outside of Philly with miles of trails with a river running through. It was such a beautiful day and was packed full of people. The dogs were so happy to be out and about.


My sister and I often call each other when we are walking our dogs in the evening. We put our phones through our headphones so our hands our free for the leash or leashes in my case. This is in part to encourage each other to walk longer to get in our FitBit steps, but it is also nice to just catch up. It was fun to actually be with each other when we were walking our dogs for once. Dizzy and Kiwi are both so goofy and have odd quirks that they keep you laughing throughout the walk.


The park is beautiful, especially in the fall. There are so many trails to wander through. Some trails are designated for hikers, others are wide enough and safe enough for horses and bikers. The river is located in the middle of the park and the trails encircle the river, with bridges connecting the sides.

They hid being tired until we went to drive home and they barely moved on the way home. It was great way to end the weekend and always nice to spend more time outside and out of the city.


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