My family has a pack of four dogs that are rough and tough and they all get along really well. In Philly, it is just Dizzy and Oakley, and my brother and I have a great system. Having two extremely active dogs in a small apartment in Philly is extremely hard. These guys love to run and play, which is why my brother often goes home to get him and Oakley a break. I watched my friend’s dog when he was away. 

Oliver is a fantastic house guest and I love to watch him. He is only nine pounds and feels so breakable. I was constantly afraid of stepping on his feet or kicking him. When walking him around Philly, I worried about him getting run over by a bike, stepped on, or hit by a car. It was terrifying. My dogs are so much bigger and I am used to walking them around the city; it is second nature to me.

Oliver is an extremely active little dog- that never stops. If you give him the opportunity, he will play fetch until your arm gets tired or chase around a treat ball until you stop filling it. But, on the other side he will sleep and relax if you do. I always plan a nice long walk in the morning to get out as much energy as possible! Dizzy and Olly get along extremely well too which is an added bonus.


One of my favorite places to walk the dogs is a cemetery near by. I know this sounds incredibly odd, but it is the best. Everyone brings their dogs here or just to go for a walk or run themselves. Even though it is right in the city, this place is super peaceful and quiet. There is a nice walked-in trail around the outside that is just under a mile around. There are no stop signs or fast driving cars who don’t stop for pedestrians (rarely will a car drive through). They also put on a bunch of seasonal events and craft fairs. They recently did a bulb planting afternoon.

The dogs also love coming here. They make the right hand turn as soon as they see it. For them, I think they enjoy the feel of being outside of the city. Dizzy is nervous with loud noises and completely relaxes when she is here. Sometimes we will just sit in the empty fields just to be outside.





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