Gobble gobble

Thanksgiving is one of my most favorite holidays! It is a break in the school year that allows you to eat a ton of food and see family and friends. There was always such a mad rush to get home because it is only four days off, but this year I only was off school for twenty four hours. I still went home anyway!

I took the train home from Philly because my brother left in the morning with the dogs to beat traffic. My train sat on the tracks for what felt like an eternity and I got in almost two hours late!

The night before Thanksgiving a big group of friends from high school all get together to catch up. This is even more important now that so many of us are only home for holidays and not during the summer. So many of my friends moved away! It is always great how easily everyone picks up right where we left off, one big family.img_4213

On Thanksgiving, my family always has an athletic morning. My dad and brother took off to go mountain biking early to try and beat the crowds, and my mom organized a group of 9 of us cousins to run a turkey trot. It was great to have so many of us together. We were even allowed to bring dogs along for the run. It was the farthest many of my cousins had ever run and next year they all set goals!img_1565img_1587

Our family usually goes to my grandmother’s for Thanksgiving, but our plans got all out of whack. My family was going to come up and visit me if I was not able to come home, but a last minute change allowed me to come home. My aunt and her husband ended up coming over and we had a small Thanksgiving and we didn’t see my mom’s side of the family. I never realized how hard it would be to balance two sides of the family, but luckily we all live within two hours of each other.img_4285

My sister and I went outside to take our favorite picture with both our dogs. We were photobombed by one cattle dog all on his own!


One of my friends was on-call on Thanksgiving and it is a huge tradition in her family, so on Friday her dad cooked a second Thanksgiving and brought it down for a bunch of us to enjoy. It was amazing and so much food. It was also great to just relax with everyone for a few hours. Then, we quickly bounced back to our normal routine of long school hours.


All in all it was a fantastic holiday!


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