Getting Winter Ready

These past few weeks have been a whirl-wind of activity and stress. This past weekend I took my boards exam, the exam that determines whether I can be a veterinarian or not! The hardest part is the diversity of the questions. We were tested on dogs, cats, birds, fish, elk, pigs, cows, and so much more. There can even be questions about zoo animals. The second most difficult part is sitting in a room for 6 hours. I struggled so hard. I started doodling on my scrap paper during breaks to give my mind a break. Once I finished, I tossed all my notes and tried to put it out of my head to enjoy the rest of my weekend!
It is crazy to think that it is actually winter outside! Every time I go outside I feel like  I need additional layers and I am still not warm enough. It is also so hard with the sun setting early and it being pitch black by 5 o’clock. Going to school in the dark and coming home from school in the dark makes for a hard day. We are also supposed to get 6 inches of snow this weekend! The dogs will love it at least!

In studying for my exam, I also spent a lot of time procrastinating on the web! Here are some of my favorite things I found.

  1. Hot Chocolate Bar! love love love hot chocolate! I cannot wait to try this hot chocolate bar in Philly. The extra perk is that there are some incredible views. My friends and I have a date here this winter.
  2. These beautiful carvings will make the perfect gift for any dog lover! A friend of mine from my search and rescue team makes these carvings. I picked one out for a friend and I am so excited to give it to them!
  3. I binge watched the Gilmore Girls episodes! It was such a tease and I loved it. I cannot wait for the next season to come out because they left it on such a cliff hanger. I was also surprised at how many original cast members came back. It was incredible that all their stories will so entwined. It makes me want to watch the original series over again.
  4. My friends and I are planning a cookie swap this winter! I love whimsical, festive cookies. These cookies look incredible, and I hope they taste as good as they look.
  5. There is nothing like being a tourist in your own city and celebrating the holidays with friends and family. Here are some of the best attractions in Philly to get into the holiday spirit. I visited the Christmas Village last year with my sister and had a wonderful time!

I hope ya’ll are having a great start to the holidays!


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