Being a Phoodie In Philly

I have lived in Philly now for three and a half years. When I first moved here, I had no idea how big of a food city this was. There are so many restaurants and so many more that keep popping up. I am lucky my friends love to be adventurous and try new places and different foods! We work hard to mix it up and visit new places as much as we can, but sometimes we just need to go to our favorite place. 

It can be crazy difficult to get reservations at many of these restaurants. We called a restaurant once for a reservation for 5 people and they told us it was over a month wait! The hostess on the phone thought we were absurd for evening trying to get a reservation.  We were slightly embarrassed.

Here are some of the restaurants I have visited.

  1. The Fat Ham: This is one of my favorite restaurants here! It is a small plants, southern restaurant with a fantastic homie feel. The menu is constantly changing which makes it easy to keep going back. Some of my favorite items are the beets, the shrimp and grits, and the hot chicken! It is way spicier than I realized. They also have a fantastic selection of beers, cocktails, and wine.
  2. Zavino: If you love pizza and meat and cheese plates, this is a great place to try. They have a ton of fun pizza combinations to try. This restaurant is set up to get a bunch of plates and share the food, so it’s great if you have trouble making up your mind!
  3. Mad Mex: If you want a “Big A** Margarita,” this is your place. They have margaritas in so many delicious flavors. They also have a great variety of food to accompany your tequila!
  4. City Tap House: This is one of our most frequented places. It has a beer list four pages long that is constantly changing with the seasons or new options from small breweries. They also have wonderful outdoor fire places. You can also bring your dog when you sit outside which is lovely on nice fall and spring nights. They also have a “scrub club” where anyone in the medical field receives a discount, which is a plus!
  5. Zama: My favorite place to get sushi. The best is the Rittenhouse rolls- especially the scallop roll! I crave this sushi all the time and eat it as often as I can get someone to go with me!

Some restaurants I am dying to try are Zahev, Double Knot, Vetri, Amada, and 24! I have more reviews to come!


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