Training in the Winter

Exercising is extremely therapeutic for me. A good hard run after a stressful day helps me to get it out. If I am upset, I can yell in my head and push myself harder, getting me through what made me upset and I get a better workout. However, I am bad at motivating myself in the winter. When I go to school and come home from school in the dark in the dark, it makes my day feel so long. I get home and am so ready to eat dinner and relax, not always workout.

It can be  so difficult to get dressed to run outside in the winter. It is cold so you bundle up, and then as soon as you get going, you begin to overheat. It is such a fine balance. Over the years I have accumulated many different options to help me, but I still get it wrong. Before a big race, I always call my dad to ask him what I should wear. He always gets it right.

My favorite place to run is along the Schuylkill River Trail where there are no stop signs or cars to get in your way. Plus there are beautiful views along the river. The trail is flat and it can get extremely crowded at certain times of the day. The hardest part of running here is that it always makes my runs an out and back. Sometimes I run shorter distances and cheat and sometimes I run way to long and get tired on the way back. I have no self control!


I am lucky because I have a bike trainer in my apartment here. I can put my road bike on the trainer, which is more comfortable than a stationary bike, and ride at any time of the day. My trainer also has the ability to control the resistance for you, making you work. You pick a course and it forces you to do it, which has pros and cons for sure. It just gives me the ability to always work out which is nice on such crazy schedules!

Biking in my basement is also really hard and lonely. The courses range from one hour to two hours of sitting on a bike with nothing changing. Watching TV can be helpful, but you quickly run out of entertaining shows and just watch the clock tick. Running and working out is the best because it helps ensure that I do work out. They also help to push me when I would not have pushed myself. It can be so hard to coordinate with our hectic and different schedules.

I also love to go to yoga classes or spin classes at my school gym, but with my schedule I can never plan on making it a certain class. I am super competitive with sports and I end up pushing myself so much harder when I got to workout classes! I am looking forward some less hectic clinical rotations in the new year to make more of these classes.



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