The Travel Bug

Social media makes it really hard not to be jealous of everyone’s traveling. It has helped me create the longest list of places I want to visit, especially after having no weekends for the last year. My sister loves to travel and is always willing to try anything, so I know I have a travel partner for life. My sister, mom, and I made a pact to visit a new place each year by running a half marathon. This way we have an excuse to travel there. Plus, it helps to keep us in shape! This upcoming year I have some places to check off my list!

San Diego // My sister has always wanted to go to the San Diego Zoo, so we are going as a graduation present to ourselves as she gets her master’s degree and I get my veterinary degree. I want to take a detour over to Los Angeles and make the classic Hollywood sign hike! And as a major plus, two of my friends live in the area that I do not get to visit often!

Nashville // I love country music, so going to the Country Music Hall of Fame is a must on my list. I also want to stroll through Centennial Park and visit The Parthenon. Plus, there is a ton of great shopping! (sorry, Mom!)

Charleston // This spring, my mom and I are going to go to Charleston and run the Cooper River Bridge Run. It gives us an excuse to tour this amazing city and soak up some southern charm.

Boston // I have been to Boston twice, so it’s not a new place for me to check off. But each time I go, I cannot wait until I get to go back. I love how easy it is to get around and see so much in such a short amount of time! I really want to go to the Boston Public Library!img_3206

Now, I just need the time off to get there!



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