Home for the Holidays

Each year my time off keeps getting shorter and shorter. This year I only get one week off and I had to choose either Christmas or New Years. I know next year I will be in for a reality check when I only get the actual holiday off because I will be an adult with a real job. But for now, I am going to enjoy being home and seeing family and friends.

Whenever I go home, I end up packing way too much into my time. I set unrealistic goals for everything I want to accomplish. My list usually gets derailed as soon as everyone in my house wakes up and we get easily distracted talking.

Here are something I am hoping to get to do this holiday break!

Walk down 34th Street in Baltimore // One of my best friend from college lives in downtown Baltimore. We have plans to walk down 34th street where there are over the top decorations for the holidays. I have always wanted to go and see these lights!

Play boardgames with the family // My family loves to play games; however, we always get way way to competitive. Sometimes, someone ends up in tears, which is never the goal. This has led to certain games being banned. That being sad, its always fun to have my dad and brother join in on the fun and stop shopping for bikes!

Drive around looking at Christmas lights // Every Christmas Eve, my dad drives us through the neighborhood to look at everyone’s Christmas and holiday decorations. One of our favorites has big pillars in the front that are decorated with Nutcrackers! It also helps us to get ideas for our house for next year!

Go for a family bike ride // A family bike ride is a must around the holidays. Someone is bound to get a new bike part or clothing item for Christmas that needs to be tried out. It helps going all together because we push each other and gets us all to be active even in this cold weather.

Make gingerbread houses // Gingerbread houses can be a competitive sport in our house. We get a ton of supplies and candy to make anything our hearts desire. My mom even found gingerbread dogs last year. They are so much fun to make and there are a ton of great kits available!



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