Christmas Cards

Around the holidays, it is so much fun checking the mail. There is so much real mail that actually means something instead of a whole bunch of ads and bills! My parents save all of the cards for my sister to open because it is one of her favorite parts of Christmas. I love to see the pictures from friends and family we don’t get to see often to see how much kids have grown or what everyone is up to now.


In our house, Christmas cards are taken extremely seriously. My mom spends a long time perfecting the perfect letter that is full of jokes and stories to allow friends and family to catch up with our year. It is fun to read through the highlights and major events of the year!

A few years back, my mom compiled all of our letters over the years into a book for us to keep. Reading back through these letters was a great flash back that made us die of laughter. It is also fun to see how technology has evolved over the years from old school fonts to fancy cards with photos. This year our card was Instagram themed!



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