Balance Is Everything

I really tested my luck and balance this week and went paddle boarding. I am known in my family for being somewhat of a klutz in my family. I was teetering over ice ice cold water.  I took my shoes off to prevent the waves from splashing my shoes, and the water froze my toes.


The hardest part was honestly getting on and off the board without getting soaked and  falling in. The dogs thought that I really needed help and tried to get on the board too. I would have loved to have gone more when I was home, but the weather was not going to let me! The river was iced over most mornings and there was too much rain!

If you have never tried paddle boarding, you must. It is an excellent workout that doesn’t feel like a workout. My abs were sore the next morning from trying to stay balanced. I really want to try yoga on a paddle board, but I do not think I am ready for that yet. I need to get way better at both before attempting that with some warmer water beneath me for when I fall.


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