Sweet But Short

Being home for just one week is impossible. By the time I finally get everything unpacked, it is time to pack up again.

One of the best things about being home is having a yard. It is so great to just let the dogs outside off leash or play fetch with them in the front yard. They have having the space too! This year, my dad and sister put up a lighted tree in the backyard in place of decorating the big pine tree. The problem was that it took up a bunch of space and the dogs would run right through it. It got knocked down once which caused the rule that the dogs could not be unsupervised in the backyard. They were not so thrilled about that.


Biking was definitely a top priority this week even though it was freezing outside. It requires a lot of layers that can be packed into your pockets if need be. There are a lot of streams to cross as well. My dad and brother have waterproof shoes that are great because you can ride right through them. My sister and I have to get off and carry our bikes across using the rocks, which is always a litter dangerous in our bike shoes.


There is always way too much eating. It is so easy to run to the grocery store when I am at home, which I know seems silly. You can drive there and not worry about getting too much to carry home. Plus cooking and baking in my kitchen at home is wonderful and so spacious. We also always cook a meal for dinner. Sometimes at school I just eat a snack if I ate a big lunch or a late lunch, but at home you always eat because it’s there! Thank goodness we spent so much of our time biking. I also spent a lot of time making cookies because there were so many people to eat them!

On Christmas Eve, we went out to Ruth Chris Steakhouse with my brother’s fiance’s family (a bit of a mouthful). We get together every Christmas to celebrate, and this year was extra special celebrating Heath and Blaire’s engagement. There was so much alcohol, food, and laughter that made for a fantastic evening.

Christmas was filled with family time and we visited Mom’s side of the family in the afternoon for dinner. We spent a lot of the evening watching the Ravens’ football game which ended so tragically with a loss and taken out of the playoffs. It definitely put a cloud over the evening.
It was so hard to get up and pack to go back to school on Monday morning. I procrastinated with my sister and cousin by taking our dogs for a nice long walk around the park. Knowing that I have such a hard week in front of me really put lead weights on my feet. I waited until the last possible minute to drive back to Philly dreading traffic and unpacking once I got there. I got a new vacuum for Christmas that was fun to set-up and use! (I know that is such a weird thing to get excited for but we have so much dog hair in a such a tiny apartment!)


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