Old Friends in New Places

One of my best friends from college lives in downtown Baltimore. I haven’t seen her in way too long, so I made the trek into the city to see her. We ate dinner and just caught up which was great. The restaurant we ate in was right around the corner from where she lived, and we were oddly the only ones in there. It is crazy to see how much has changed in the last year and how easy it is to fall back into where we left off. That is what best friends are for!




After dinner, we went to the Miracle of 34th Street light display. There is a block that decorates all-out for Christmas. It’s beautiful! I love seeing how creative people can get with Christmas lights and decorations and these guys do an amazing job. One family opened up their home to allow people to come inside and see some metalworks. I loved the Natty Boh Santa cans!


There was an Old Bay and crab tree! The crabs were made of bike cassettes and tools that I loved! It is something that my family would display all year in our house!

This was my favorite display! It is so simple, yet elegant, and totally Maryland!

There was a house with baked goods and hot chocolate. The took donations for whatever you were able to pay. The donations went to support Maryland animal shelters. They said they raise thousands of dollar each year which is incredible!! Plus the hot chocolate was delicious!


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