New Year, New Me!

I hope everyone had a wonder and happy New Year! I was lucky to spend in with a group of wonderful friends who are family. I love the start of a new year! You get an excuse to celebrate with friends and family with a new beginning. It gives you an excuse to become anyone you want. I have my list set for this year, and I am really excited to make these changes stick. I try so hard every year to keep my resolutions and often fail quickly. I tend to make these goals outrageous and not attainable for myself, so this year I was much more realistic.
Be Healthier // I want to become a healthier version of myself by making smarter choices in the grocery store, in the kitchen, and out with my friends. I do well in spurts, but I need to make this consistent and a lifestyle change! I drink soda occasionally when I need something other than water, and I really want to kick this habit. There are so many healthier options that are equally delicious.

Stop Adding to My Clutter // I love to shop for clothes, for household items, and for my friends and family. My room at school and at home are stuffed to the brim with just stuff! I want to clean out my room and apartment and stop adding to the mess. I keep things and clothes for “just in case,” but I have things I haven’t worn or looked at in years. My new (cliche) mottos are “one in, out out” and “if you don’t use it, lose”

Be Conscious About Food Waste // I am notorious for getting way too much produce at the grocery store or making way too much food and not eating all the leftovers, and I don’t really enjoy eating leftovers. I am lucky to live with my brother because he will eat anything, but I want to do better because I won’t live with him forever and he is not always around. There are so many people in this world who don’t get to eat, and I am wasting food. I need to make this change starting with how I purchase food and spread it out for the week.

Devote More Time to Dizzy // Dizzy is an amazing girl, the best dog ever. She would do absolutely anything I asked and only asks for a few things in return. I do my best to give her attention and exercise while I am in school, but sometimes when I do have the time, I spend it relaxing on the sofa. My goal is to spend more time with her exploring Philly and less time sitting around. Her Whistle helps to keep me accountable, and I am increasing her goal to 80 minutes a day!

Whine Less (and maybe wine a little more) // It is so easy to complain about my long hours at school or the next rotation I have or what someone said, but it is such a waste of my time and energy. It drags you down with such negative energy. I want to spread more positivity into my life and surround myself with friends and family who lift me up and don’t drag me down!

Read More Books // I absolutely love getting caught up in a good book. I get so absorbed and involved that I get really upset when books end and making me a huge fan of series. My list of books to read is pages long, and I really need to get cracking. I have a pile of books I have gotten from my sister once she has read them. I plan on picking one when I get back to school and putting aside a few minutes every night to read.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?


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