Snow Much Fun this Weekend

Well, I think winter has finally begun. The weather decided to drop just as I moved out to the large animal hospital where I spend almost all day outside. There is no amount of jackets, boots, gloves, and hats that can keep be warm enough outside. It is also really hard to do treatments and handle horses when you feel like a giant marshmallow. I spend so much time taking my jacket and gloves on and off, and I also have a hard time hearing what’s going on with ear warmers. The other morning it was 11 degrees outside!


When it snowed this weekend, I was happy to be in Philly and not trapped out in Kennet. One of my favorite things is playing with the dogs in the snow because they love it so much. Unfortunately, Dizzy has been at home with my parents because I didn’t know how much time I would spend in Philly, and I didn’t want to add to my brother’s workload. So, I took Oakley to a nearby field and played with him outside. He loved it! He plays fetch non-stop and carries that frozen ball in his mouth. Oakley never seems to get tired while you are playing with him. He brings that ball back and tosses it at your feet!


All this snow really makes we want to go skiing. I haven’t been since I started graduate school which was the week I found out I was accepted. I cannot wait to go for a long weekend once I graduate. I may need to take a lesson or two because it has been so long!! I hope we get some more snow, maybe on a week day so we get a snow day or when Dizzy is around.


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