What I Am Listening To

I have been driving a lot more recently. Normally, I never drive anywhere because my brother takes the car home on the weekends, and if we are driving to or from home, he is the one that is driving. My rotation is currently out at our large animal hospital, which is about an hour from school, even though the school says it is 40 min which would only happen if every light is green and there were no other cars on the road. I have been driving from Philly most days to get there and back instead of staying in the dorms out there. It is not the most practical choice (seeing as I have to be at school by 5:45am), but I love coming home, laying on the sofa with my brother’s dog, and sleeping in my own bed.

I usually love to listen to music while I drive, and I am fortunate to have Sirius Radio in my car. The Morning Mashup on Hits 1 usually keeps me entertained, but I have recently started to get bored of music, something I never thought I would ever say. When I listen to Spotify, I find myself just hitting next after the first minute of a song and before I know it I am through my playlist.

This led me to start listening to Podcasts while I drive, and I found my answer, The TED Hour Radio. These are conversations and parts of TED talks about a certain subject matter. The show’s are about one hour, which is my commute time. When I listen to them on my way to school, I feel myself more inspired for the day ahead of me. I can’t wait to get back in the car, something that I never say, and make the drive because the talks help you to think in other ways or about things you try to avoid. I have even found myself listening to the whole TED talk when I get home.


If you have never listened to a TED talk, I highly recommend it. You can find a topic on just about anything. The speakers are so moving, it’s incredible. The people who give them have done incredible life changing things. The TED Hour Radio I listened to today talked about a town in England called Todmorden that has planted vegetables around that are for everyone to eat and take as they need! This has spread to many other towns around the area as well. Or about Crisis and Response about a storm on Mt Everest (related to the book Into Thin Air). Or about Hidden things we find like a mythical 180 degree river that flows in South America that actually exists.

There is also an NPR podcast called Embedded that goes into depth about current news articles that I am excited to try in the upcoming weeks. I am excited to keep this going and to continue to learn about what is going on in the world around me!


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