Bittersweet Endings

This week has been extremely bittersweet. For school, we are required to spend a certain time in both small and large animal services. This past week was my last week out at our large animal hospital. Our large animal hospital is about an hour from Philadelphia, so it makes it a little harder for us who live in Philly and not out in Kennet Square. There are dorms for us on campus that are super convenient, but the dorm life is not for me.


I grew up riding horses, which was always my favorite time of the week. I rode on my college team and competed in IHSA. The last time I rode was on Buddy, the guy above, and he dumped me so hard on fence six of nine. My mom made me promise to not ride again until I graduated school which is now only five months away!

Being around horses again has been extremely relaxing. The stressful part of the week comes when interacting with the other animals we see, the goats, cows, pigs, and sheep. We learn about how to treat these guys in school, but its the handling part that is the most difficult. Many of these animals have not been handled much and their treatments end up as a group ordeal.

When I am out there, I began to feel completely comfortable, and I begin to change my mind on what I want to do in the future. I feel like I should totally switch from dogs and cats to horses. Which sounds crazy to my friends and family! I love the idea of being in a large animal hospital setting and less into the idea of being an ambulatory vet and driving around from place to place (which is where most people end up). I just love the fresh air and being around these big magnificent animals.

I spent my mornings here watching the sunrise. Every morning I would stand at the end of the first barn and wait for the sun. What I enjoyed the most, was how every morning was different and each was beautiful. My phone is filled with picture after picture. As much I would have enjoyed some extra sleep, those early mornings were worth it!


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