My Reading List

A goal of mine for the new year was to read more books. Over these past few months, I have made a list of the books I wanted to read. Anything I came across that looked good, I wrote down on my phone for when I had time because I was spending all my time studying for my board exam (which I found out I passed last week!!). I finally went to the bookstore this weekend! I figured it would be easy to pick a few books to get, but boy was I wrong. My list was so much longer than I realized, and I got distracted as soon as I walked in the door! I ended up with a few books on my list and a few books I had no idea existed yet!
I love to read any book that can hold my grasp, non-fiction, fiction, romance, self-help. If a book doesn’t pull me in quickly, I have a really hard time reading it. And if I am too tired to read, the book begins to fall off my radar as I fall asleep reading it every night. It is so hard to figure out where I am in the book because I never stop at the end of a chapter or the end of a page. I end up just putting the book away and never finish it. It enters my book grave yard.

I try really hard to be my own judge when it comes to different books. I take reviews into account, but will read a book that got bad reviews anyway if I think I might like it. I also do not like the FOMO of not being caught up on current books when chatting with friends!

At the end of a long day at work, I want an easy to read book that can take my mind away from everything- all the to-do lists, drama, and stress of the day. But, on the flip side, I tend to get way to absorbed by books and find myself reading way into the night. I have to set a timer and actually go to bed for some books, being my own parent.

Here are some books I cannot wait to read!

Hopefully, I can tackle my list and get caught up!


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