House Update 

Being home so much these last two weeks, my mom and I spent much of our time finalizing plans for the house. I have a hard time making a final decision. I get down to two options and get stuck most of the time. It’s hard making sure that everything matches and looks good together to avoid a hodge podge look.

This week we spent time finalizing the kitchen cabinets. This was way harder than I thought. You have to pick what type of cabinet you want where, whether you want draws or cabinets and what size cabinet. It was really hard for me to visualize the kitchen and flow of the space to help pick out the type of cabinet. I relied heavily on Joe, who helped us design it. Then, you have to finalize the color and style of the cabinet. We didn’t get to pick the cabinet I really wanted because it was way to expensive, but I am happy with the cabinet we settled on. Then, there’s the hardware for the cabinets, whether you want knobs or pulls and then what type and color hardware. If you pick a pull, you have to then determine the size you want. It’s all extremely overwhelming.


We now have the final plans for the kitchen, plus or minus me changing my mind on the color. I was starting at them in my room and Diz decided I needed help  that or she decided she was bored of watching me stare at them and fell asleep on them.

We went and walked through the house again. It’s hard because not much is changing right now. I don’t tend to get super excited when it comes to electric outlets and insulation. But we went at the perfect time of night and watched the sun set out on the upstairs balcony. It was gorgeous.


Our last major task of the week is to check out countertops. I want to see what we picked for the kitchen again and we have to pick a top of the master bathroom. Hopefully, it will be an easy decision. Otherwise I’m going to start going gray soon!


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