Jurassic Bark

My sister called me up in a panic the other day because her dog Kiwi got into some of her food. Kiwi had gotten into some leftover chocolate chips that had been left out on the counter. Luckily, they were milk chocolate and she only ate a few, and she is doing just fine! But that got me thinking about all the things that our dogs cannot eat. Some of these are actually really dangerous for our dogs to get into.

We all do our best to keep these things out of reach for our dogs, but these guys are sneaky and sometimes things just happen! If your pet does get into these, contact your veterinarian and poison control. They can help talk you through the appropriate medical steps to help protect your dog! If you are ever concerned, seek emergency medical care.

Here are some common foods that our dogs cannot have!

via huffington post

In our house, there are certain “rules” we follow to help prevent our dogs from getting into these foods!

Chocolate // Any and all chocolate, especially baking chocolate, is kept up on the top shelf in the pantry. Our dogs are creative and know where we keep our food. This is a pre-caution in case we left it open or they get the door open!

Grapes and Raisins // One of my professors told me to keep grapes and raisins out of the house completely- no if, ands, or buts about it. This is because we don’t know how/why these affect the kidneys but because just one single grape or raisin can cause kidney failure, which is incredibly scary! Definitely keep these as far away from your pets as possible!

Xylitol // This is an ingredient found commonly in sugar-free gum and even some peanut butter! This is a deadly ingredient to our pets! Make sure to check your gum and candy ingredients to avoid bringing this into your house.

Cooked bones // Bones are scary because they can splinter and break and can cause lacerations or holes to the GI tract. Avoid giving your pets any of your left over turkey or chicken bones to help prevent this. We also take all leftover trash from food like turkey and chickens to the trash can in the garage that the dogs cannot get into.

Medications // We keep all medications in a medicine cabinet high up in the kitchen. Avoid tossing medications into your purse, bag, or backpack that may be left within your pet’s reach. I have no idea why they enjoy chewing the plastic cap and eating 30 Advil or whatever they got into, but they do! Keeping our medications away from our pets can help to prevent an overdose or their harmful side effects. Many of our medications are processed differently with severe side effects!

I hope these help you protect your dogs!


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