The Oscars

I was on a treatment shift at school through The Oscars the other night. It started at four in the afternoon and went until midnight, thoroughly disrupting the show. Luckily, I was able to stream it live on my laptop and watch it intermittently (thank goodness for technology).

I love to watch the red carpet and see what everyone is wearing. I am amazed by what some of them are able to pull off and sometimes what some people decide to wear. I would most likely avoid this type of event to prevent the scrutiny of everyone, especially the shows on E! My self confidence is not big enough for these kind of public events with cameras everywhere. I am so envious of the gowns they wear though. Just to try one of these on would be a dream. I would never have the occasion to actually wear them.

Here are some of my favorites from the night! Emma Stone was my number one of the evening.

I had some least favorites. They just aren’t quite my taste or style, but these women still looked phenomenal!

So many of my favorite couples were there at the show! I love that through it all they are able to be happy together.


I love how they paired the presenters for this show. They would pair actors and actresses from the same movie, which made for more interesting banter. I didn’t one hundred percent understand the tour bus segment. I must have missed where it was explained during the show.


La La Land was a big winner making it worse that I still have not seen it yet! I love the pair of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. They just have such chemistry on screen! I cannot wait until it comes out on DVD and I can watch it, most likely while I ride my bike. Emma Stone won best actress for La La Land, of course, and Casey Affleck won best actor for Manchester by the Sea, another movie I haven’t seen yet. Hopefully, I can see some of these movies soon! Here is the complete list of winners!

images via e and ny times


Monster Cross

I survived the first race of the season. It turned out to be a beautiful 60 degree day in February. Pocahontas State Park in Virginia was a beautiful place to ride with so many undiscovered trails this weekend. It was a gorgeous sixty degree day in February. This was both a mountain bike and cycle cross race which increased the number of riders out there. The pack was huge to start. That did make it a little hard at the start where it was narrow and twisty.  Once the pack spread out, it was an easy ride. I really like d that the trail looped back on itself, making it able to see the leaders go by. The pros got a head start (which was not the only reason that I was not at the front)!.



Everyone out there was so nice. There were a lot of flat tires out there due to the gravel, mostly cycle cross riders, and people were always willing to help. The crowds were great cheering us on, which was extra great with how the course looped back and was two laps. While cycle cross looks fun, I definitely was happy to be on a bike with bigger tires to prevent flats and help grip on these sharp turns, often with gravel.

My dad and friend, Ron, decided to be different at this race and rider single speeds. They spent a lot of this race spinning at really high RPMs because they chickened out and did not increase the size of their gears (they had only an 18 on the front). They could fly up the short climbs, but definitely struggled on the flat and road sections.

Monster Cross Picture.jpg

There was a photographer out there taking photos. I love to flip through the photos from these races. I have definitely learned over the past year of racing that i am NOT photogenic. I always end up looking tired and awkward in these photos. his race I even tried to smile, but I think the photo was taken a s I had stopped. They make for good funny photos. My brother always looks so serious and in the zone, making great photos.

It was a great day of racing, and we are looking forward to more races to come this year!

Surviving the First Days of the Whole 30

I started this adventure to complete the Whole 30 two days ago. I thought that this would be near impossible, that I would attempt it for a week or so, and then that I would quit/fail. Because how could anyone get rid of all grains, sugars, dairy, alcohols, etc. and still be able to eat. Starting with a quitters attitude was the worst way to start. I know myself and how I always fail resolutions and figured that this would be the same way.

I was reading The Whole 30 book this weekend to help get me ready for this. There was a timeline describing how you would feel each day(s). And boy was it right. Day 1 was doable, because you can do anything for one day, especially if you set yourself up by getting the right foods in your home. But that on Day 2 you would be hungry. It was spot on. I spent the whole day thinking about food and what my next snack/meal would be. It is not easy to find quick things to eat when you are so busy in a hospital. I realized that I needed to pack extra and more snacks than I ever thought I could possibly eat.

It has also been easier to say no to sweets and treats that are around. People and clients are constantly bringing in cookies, bagels, donuts and other treats as a thank you, so temptation is always knocking. I found the best way was to just leave the area. Sitting there watching my classmates eat these sweets was difficult and making myself busy was a great distraction.

Telling my friends and family was a big step for me. It was an awkward step for me. I don’t like to fail at things. Once I tell them that this is my plan, they will know if I fail. My brother has been great because he tends to eat this way anyway. He also helped me to get rid of things I can’t eat and stock the house with only things that I can. He weirdly always knows what is on the labels of things making it easy to grocery shop. Reading the labels on everything has been super time consuming.

I still do not like coffee. I love to go to Starbucks every morning to get a Chai Latte. It is my favorite part of my morning, and something I had to cut out for this journey. I enjoy having something to drink in during my morning. So, I had to find something else to drink. Coffee is super bitter. I have had it in the past, but I have always drown my coffee in cream and sugar. It is not so bad but definitely not something I enjoy.

The hardest part of my day so far has been the evenings. After I workout and walk the dogs, I like to relax and watch TV before I go to sleep. This is the time when I eat the worst and eat for no reason. It has just become a habit of mine. I sit there and I crave everything bad. Last night I went ahead and brushed my teeth shortly after dinner to prevent myself from continuing to eat. It definitely helped but I want to kick this bad habit.

Not hat I have made it far in this journey, but I really feel like I can do it.

The Whole 30

My brother’s wedding is quickly approaching and I really want to look my best. I have been exercising daily and eating much cleaner, but I want to make a bigger change in my life. So, enter The Whole 30. At first, I thought the idea of this was nuts, and there was no way at all I could even think about doing this. I spent some time looking up recipes on their blog and learning about their support community, which is amazing.

For those who don’t know what The Whole 30 is, it is a diet and lifestyle change where you cut out many ingredients from your diet- including, grains, sugars, dairy, legumes, alcohol, and some others, and you do this for thirty days. You also don’t way yourself for thirty days, which I would definitely find difficult as well. There is a list of all the things you cannot eat, which is helpful when you find things in the grey zone.


I know there are some things I am going to really struggle to not eat, and I know on stressful or hard days, it is going to be near impossible to not cave and grab a sweet treat. I am going to have to really plan ahead to have healthy snacks to eat at school when I am extremely busy. For me to really complete this challenge, I know that I need to tell my friends and family about this so they can help to hold me accountable and to help keep temptation out of the way.

I am starting this thirty day journey on Monday (I need some time to get any junk food out of the apartment and grocery shop). I also ordered The Whole 30 cookbook to help give me some inspiration. Some recipes I found on their blog that I am excited to try include coffee braised brisket, scrambled egg tacos, and sweet potato bison chili.

Philadelphia Bucket List

I have just three months left in Philadelphia before I graduate which is so little time. In my first year, my friends and I made a bucket list of all the things we wanted to do and see here. Now that there is only three months left, I realized that there are so many things that we didn’t get done leaving us with a jam-packed few months.

  1. Go to a Phillies game 
  2. Go to a Flyers game  (Just went last week)
  3. Visit the Barnes Foundation (we went for a young professionals gala)
  4. Visit the Magic Gardens
  5. Go to Love Park 
  6. Run the Philadelphia Half Marathon 
  7. Run the Rocky Steps
  8. Visit Redding Terminal Market
  9. Tour the Yards Brewery
  10. Visit the Liberty Bell
  11. Watch a Rowing Regatta on the Schuylkill River
  12. Visit the Eastern State Penitentiary
  13. Relax in Spruce Street Harbor Park
  14. Visit the Franklin Institute
  15. Eat at Pat’s and Geno’s
  16. Explore the anomalies at the Mummer’s Museum
  17. Visit Independence Hall

The Beginning of Race Season

I have been working out daily in preparation for the upcoming race season. It is crazy how fast a face that was once four months away is now less than two weeks away. Time really does fly. As it quickly approaches, I have gotten really nervous about not being in good enough shape to ride this race well. I know I can get through this race, but I want to start the season out well.

I have been following a TrainerRoad plan that allows me to workout inside on the trainer. It forces me to ride and produce a set number of watts, kind of like you have a coach just standing there and watching you making sure you do your workout. This type of workout is great, but it is not an equal trade-off to the actual outside where there are real elements- hills, wind, rocks, and logs. This part is what makes me the most nervous.

In order to get outside more, I “needed” to get some new gear to help keep me warm. I used some new workout clothes to give me that extra motivation to get outside. Feeling comfortable while you workout is extremely important. When you cannot find the right clothes to wear, whether they don’t fit right or they don’t keep you warm enough,  it gives you an easy excuse to not get out there!

bike tights //  jacket // headband
gloves // windshell // bike tights (on sale!)
running tights // running long sleeves // running jacket
vest // running gloves // sweatshirt

I clearly have a love for all things blue! My wardrobe just tends to gravitate towards shades of blue no matter what I do, which is extremely evident above! I have been working on expanding my color palette with slight success.

Let me know if you have any recommendations to stay warm while working out outside!

Dog Days

With all this cold weather, I am really lucky to have two dogs who love the cold. Dizzy has such a long, fluffy coat and Oakley has such a dense coat that they can survive the winter. It still shocks me when I take them for a walk. I bundle up in so many layers- long sleeve shirt, then a sweatshirt, then a vest, then a scarf, and then my winter coat- and I can still be frozen outside. I am so jealous of their resilience in the cold.

img_5234 I went hiking this weekend with my friend Julianna and her dog Oliver in the Wissahickon. We went early on Sunday morning to avoid traffic, both cars and people. The dogs had a fantastic time being outside and exploring. And to no one’s surprise, they all tried to go swimming which we quickly prevented. We hiked a little over five miles, and we were all a little tired at the end showing how out of shape this winter has made us.




The only thing that really gets these guys in the cold is when the ground is salted. I think the salt is really irritating to their paw pads. It makes taking them for walks really hard because they start limping on three legs. I always clean out their paw pads right away, but it ends up happening again almost immediately. I have been looking into getting them some booties to protect their feet. I am not sure how well they would wear these, but I am hoping to give it a try. Or maybe we just won’t get anymore snow this winter, but that seems highly unlikely.

Here are some boots I am deciding between! I am on the fence of whether to get a more durable boots that is reusable, or a less durable boot that is less of an investment.

1 // 2 // 3

Let me know if you have any suggestions or recommendations!