My Week

This has been a really long, cold week stuck indoors. Last week, I was spoiled with a two day work week, which has made this week twice as hard. Even though I cannot enjoy the outdoors, I would love to look outside and see some sun, rather than these dreary, cloudy days.

Yesterday was Groundhog Day where Puxatony Phil saw his shadow predicting another six weeks of winter. However, Staten Island Chuck did not see his shadow. I grew up only counting on Puxatony Phil, but it turns out that there are many more animals predicting of fate than I imagined. I had a bit of downtime yesterday and found out that Chuck has about an 80% accuracy rate compared to Phil who has only about a 30% accuracy rate. Needless to say, I am definitely on Chuck’s side this year!

I had tickets to a Flyers game this week. It was on our Philly bucket list of things to do before we graduate and it was great to check it off! It was so nice to have a relaxing evening with friends, eat buckets of crabfries, and end with a win!


This weekend is the Superbowl, and I have not picked my team yet. I am a true believer in the underdog or newcomer in many scenarios, which would cause me to lean towards the Falcons. The Patriots sure have their share of wins over the past few years and I would love for someone new to be on top. However, I have always been a fan of the Pats as long as they weren’t playing the Ravens. So, I am not sure where my loyalties will lie this weekend, and I am hoping for an exciting game (with some good commercials).

They are calling for some snow this weekend. Hoping for either an blizzard or nothing, go big or go home!



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