Dog Days

With all this cold weather, I am really lucky to have two dogs who love the cold. Dizzy has such a long, fluffy coat and Oakley has such a dense coat that they can survive the winter. It still shocks me when I take them for a walk. I bundle up in so many layers- long sleeve shirt, then a sweatshirt, then a vest, then a scarf, and then my winter coat- and I can still be frozen outside. I am so jealous of their resilience in the cold.

img_5234 I went hiking this weekend with my friend Julianna and her dog Oliver in the Wissahickon. We went early on Sunday morning to avoid traffic, both cars and people. The dogs had a fantastic time being outside and exploring. And to no one’s surprise, they all tried to go swimming which we quickly prevented. We hiked a little over five miles, and we were all a little tired at the end showing how out of shape this winter has made us.




The only thing that really gets these guys in the cold is when the ground is salted. I think the salt is really irritating to their paw pads. It makes taking them for walks really hard because they start limping on three legs. I always clean out their paw pads right away, but it ends up happening again almost immediately. I have been looking into getting them some booties to protect their feet. I am not sure how well they would wear these, but I am hoping to give it a try. Or maybe we just won’t get anymore snow this winter, but that seems highly unlikely.

Here are some boots I am deciding between! I am on the fence of whether to get a more durable boots that is reusable, or a less durable boot that is less of an investment.

1 // 2 // 3

Let me know if you have any suggestions or recommendations!





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