The Beginning of Race Season

I have been working out daily in preparation for the upcoming race season. It is crazy how fast a face that was once four months away is now less than two weeks away. Time really does fly. As it quickly approaches, I have gotten really nervous about not being in good enough shape to ride this race well. I know I can get through this race, but I want to start the season out well.

I have been following a TrainerRoad plan that allows me to workout inside on the trainer. It forces me to ride and produce a set number of watts, kind of like you have a coach just standing there and watching you making sure you do your workout. This type of workout is great, but it is not an equal trade-off to the actual outside where there are real elements- hills, wind, rocks, and logs. This part is what makes me the most nervous.

In order to get outside more, I “needed” to get some new gear to help keep me warm. I used some new workout clothes to give me that extra motivation to get outside. Feeling comfortable while you workout is extremely important. When you cannot find the right clothes to wear, whether they don’t fit right or they don’t keep you warm enough,  it gives you an easy excuse to not get out there!

bike tights //  jacket // headband
gloves // windshell // bike tights (on sale!)
running tights // running long sleeves // running jacket
vest // running gloves // sweatshirt

I clearly have a love for all things blue! My wardrobe just tends to gravitate towards shades of blue no matter what I do, which is extremely evident above! I have been working on expanding my color palette with slight success.

Let me know if you have any recommendations to stay warm while working out outside!


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