The Whole 30

My brother’s wedding is quickly approaching and I really want to look my best. I have been exercising daily and eating much cleaner, but I want to make a bigger change in my life. So, enter The Whole 30. At first, I thought the idea of this was nuts, and there was no way at all I could even think about doing this. I spent some time looking up recipes on their blog and learning about their support community, which is amazing.

For those who don’t know what The Whole 30 is, it is a diet and lifestyle change where you cut out many ingredients from your diet- including, grains, sugars, dairy, legumes, alcohol, and some others, and you do this for thirty days. You also don’t way yourself for thirty days, which I would definitely find difficult as well. There is a list of all the things you cannot eat, which is helpful when you find things in the grey zone.


I know there are some things I am going to really struggle to not eat, and I know on stressful or hard days, it is going to be near impossible to not cave and grab a sweet treat. I am going to have to really plan ahead to have healthy snacks to eat at school when I am extremely busy. For me to really complete this challenge, I know that I need to tell my friends and family about this so they can help to hold me accountable and to help keep temptation out of the way.

I am starting this thirty day journey on Monday (I need some time to get any junk food out of the apartment and grocery shop). I also ordered The Whole 30 cookbook to help give me some inspiration. Some recipes I found on their blog that I am excited to try include coffee braised brisket, scrambled egg tacos, and sweet potato bison chili.


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