Surviving the First Days of the Whole 30

I started this adventure to complete the Whole 30 two days ago. I thought that this would be near impossible, that I would attempt it for a week or so, and then that I would quit/fail. Because how could anyone get rid of all grains, sugars, dairy, alcohols, etc. and still be able to eat. Starting with a quitters attitude was the worst way to start. I know myself and how I always fail resolutions and figured that this would be the same way.

I was reading The Whole 30 book this weekend to help get me ready for this. There was a timeline describing how you would feel each day(s). And boy was it right. Day 1 was doable, because you can do anything for one day, especially if you set yourself up by getting the right foods in your home. But that on Day 2 you would be hungry. It was spot on. I spent the whole day thinking about food and what my next snack/meal would be. It is not easy to find quick things to eat when you are so busy in a hospital. I realized that I needed to pack extra and more snacks than I ever thought I could possibly eat.

It has also been easier to say no to sweets and treats that are around. People and clients are constantly bringing in cookies, bagels, donuts and other treats as a thank you, so temptation is always knocking. I found the best way was to just leave the area. Sitting there watching my classmates eat these sweets was difficult and making myself busy was a great distraction.

Telling my friends and family was a big step for me. It was an awkward step for me. I don’t like to fail at things. Once I tell them that this is my plan, they will know if I fail. My brother has been great because he tends to eat this way anyway. He also helped me to get rid of things I can’t eat and stock the house with only things that I can. He weirdly always knows what is on the labels of things making it easy to grocery shop. Reading the labels on everything has been super time consuming.

I still do not like coffee. I love to go to Starbucks every morning to get a Chai Latte. It is my favorite part of my morning, and something I had to cut out for this journey. I enjoy having something to drink in during my morning. So, I had to find something else to drink. Coffee is super bitter. I have had it in the past, but I have always drown my coffee in cream and sugar. It is not so bad but definitely not something I enjoy.

The hardest part of my day so far has been the evenings. After I workout and walk the dogs, I like to relax and watch TV before I go to sleep. This is the time when I eat the worst and eat for no reason. It has just become a habit of mine. I sit there and I crave everything bad. Last night I went ahead and brushed my teeth shortly after dinner to prevent myself from continuing to eat. It definitely helped but I want to kick this bad habit.

Not hat I have made it far in this journey, but I really feel like I can do it.


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