Monster Cross

I survived the first race of the season. It turned out to be a beautiful 60 degree day in February. Pocahontas State Park in Virginia was a beautiful place to ride with so many undiscovered trails this weekend. It was a gorgeous sixty degree day in February. This was both a mountain bike and cycle cross race which increased the number of riders out there. The pack was huge to start. That did make it a little hard at the start where it was narrow and twisty.  Once the pack spread out, it was an easy ride. I really like d that the trail looped back on itself, making it able to see the leaders go by. The pros got a head start (which was not the only reason that I was not at the front)!.



Everyone out there was so nice. There were a lot of flat tires out there due to the gravel, mostly cycle cross riders, and people were always willing to help. The crowds were great cheering us on, which was extra great with how the course looped back and was two laps. While cycle cross looks fun, I definitely was happy to be on a bike with bigger tires to prevent flats and help grip on these sharp turns, often with gravel.

My dad and friend, Ron, decided to be different at this race and rider single speeds. They spent a lot of this race spinning at really high RPMs because they chickened out and did not increase the size of their gears (they had only an 18 on the front). They could fly up the short climbs, but definitely struggled on the flat and road sections.

Monster Cross Picture.jpg

There was a photographer out there taking photos. I love to flip through the photos from these races. I have definitely learned over the past year of racing that i am NOT photogenic. I always end up looking tired and awkward in these photos. his race I even tried to smile, but I think the photo was taken a s I had stopped. They make for good funny photos. My brother always looks so serious and in the zone, making great photos.

It was a great day of racing, and we are looking forward to more races to come this year!


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