The Oscars

I was on a treatment shift at school through The Oscars the other night. It started at four in the afternoon and went until midnight, thoroughly disrupting the show. Luckily, I was able to stream it live on my laptop and watch it intermittently (thank goodness for technology).

I love to watch the red carpet and see what everyone is wearing. I am amazed by what some of them are able to pull off and sometimes what some people decide to wear. I would most likely avoid this type of event to prevent the scrutiny of everyone, especially the shows on E! My self confidence is not big enough for these kind of public events with cameras everywhere. I am so envious of the gowns they wear though. Just to try one of these on would be a dream. I would never have the occasion to actually wear them.

Here are some of my favorites from the night! Emma Stone was my number one of the evening.

I had some least favorites. They just aren’t quite my taste or style, but these women still looked phenomenal!

So many of my favorite couples were there at the show! I love that through it all they are able to be happy together.


I love how they paired the presenters for this show. They would pair actors and actresses from the same movie, which made for more interesting banter. I didn’t one hundred percent understand the tour bus segment. I must have missed where it was explained during the show.


La La Land was a big winner making it worse that I still have not seen it yet! I love the pair of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. They just have such chemistry on screen! I cannot wait until it comes out on DVD and I can watch it, most likely while I ride my bike. Emma Stone won best actress for La La Land, of course, and Casey Affleck won best actor for Manchester by the Sea, another movie I haven’t seen yet. Hopefully, I can see some of these movies soon! Here is the complete list of winners!

images via e and ny times



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