Going on to Week 2

Starting week 2 of the Whole 30 means that I am almost one quarter of the way through this adventure! It feels like so much longer and so much shorter all at the same time. My brother is home for the week, so it will be a completely different week. He helps me get through this and helps to keep me accountable. I feel as if I am on my own this week.

16903585_1308128265930755_5235925963302815601_ovia the whole 30

The Whole 30 is less of a diet and more of a life style change to make you healthier overall. It targets certain aspects of people’s diets and lives to help change. One reason I wanted to start this journey was to change my relationship with food. It is so easy to find a reason to eat poorly- it has been a stressful day, I worked out hard today, I ate well all day today, we are celebrating something, and so on. After getting through a few days, I do not feel the urge that I normally felt to just eat junk food.

The biggest change I have noticed in my self is that I am sleeping so much better. I fall asleep in about thirty seconds (maybe even less) once my head hits the pillow and I can sleep harder through the night. This one a huge reason to why I wanted to do this; my sleep schedule was terrible and I wasn’t getting any. I would wake up every morning incredible cranky and tired, no matter how many hours I slept.


My breakfast is usually some type of eggs mixed in with vegetables or avocados. I used to eat my eggs with mix and cheese mixed in, but I have taken those out. I have also increased the number of eggs I eat in the morning from two to three to help feel more full throughout the day. My lunch was usually salad. I eat it slower than most foods and it fills me up. I struggle with what to eat for lunch because I have been too busy to make something the night before. Dinner is an easy meal because I am home, but hard because I love to snack. I’m still a work in progress, but I am getting there!

Grocery shopping has been difficult for me. It is so easy to get side tracked even if I go in there with a specific list. Reading ingredient lists is also tricky! I have spent a lot of time googling words to see if they really mean something else. This week I got my groceries delivered from Whole Foods. It was easy for me to get almost all produce and avoid the unnecessary foods. I could really plan out my week. Now, I have stocked my fridge with only Whole 30 ingredients to help me continue on this adventure.


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