Stokesville 60/40k

We rode/raced the Stokesville 60/40k this weekend. The Stokesville 60/40k ride is considered a lifestyle ride, where it can be ridden relaxed and just for fun, but never how my family rides. I decided to ride the short distance with my brother’s fiance, while Heath, my dad and his friend, Ron rode the longer distance. This race was ridden out in the beautiful Shenandoah Mountains from the Stokesville Lodge. Here is a video of pictures from a race two years ago!

This past weekend’s race was frigid, adding extra stress to my packing list. I always check the weather and get packed up the night before, sometimes even earlier, but this weekend I goofed. I should have checked the weather before driving from Philadelphia to home. I knew it was going to be cold, but I didn’t realize just how cold. When we left in the morning, it was 20 degrees outside. At 10am when we started, it was only 29 degrees with a high of 43 for the day. Ice cold.

The trails were among some of the best I have ever ridden. The climbs were long, but mostly on fire road, making them extra doable. The downhills and flat sections were single track that was fast and flowy. There were sections of rocks (my nemesis), but these rock gardens were short and definitely rideable. My bike was able to just float over the rocks. My dad changed out my front chain ring for a 30 from a 32 which I was very thankful for. There were long climbs with some steep or technical parts, so while your legs were fatigued you had to give a little more. I was able to just spin right through these sections.

The couple times I took my focus off my riding, I looked out to see the beautiful mountains ranges. It made the riding that much better. This was my first time really mountain biking for the year, and it definitely showed. I was just not as fast on the technical sections or the downhills. I felt myself begin to relax the longer I rode. I left today wanting to ride longer and harder, and I cannot wait to go back and explore these trails.

My sister drove from school to come hang out at the race. We brought our four dogs and my brother’s fiance brought her two dogs, giving my mom and sister six dogs to watch. They all are well behaved and listen well, making them easy keepers.

I knew my warmest gloves, sleeves, and winter, waterproof shoes were at home, but I forgot about my winter leggings. I ended up bringing regular running tights to put on top of my bike shorts. I hated doing this because I tend to fall often, and I didn’t want to put holes in my good tights. I ended up borrowing a pair of my dad’s legwarmers which was all I needed.


I was lucky to have some friends to help me pack everything up, with one being just extra helpful. I definitely overpacked for this race, but this weather had me packing everything I could possibly need.





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