Going on to Week 3

This week was a little rough, but also rewarding. Being on my own at home was a piece a cake. I struggled at school the most. A habit I have formed is that when I am bored at school, I go and get a snack to keep me awake and give me something to do. My rotation was so much slower giving me so much time to think about food. The most common place we go to get snacks is Wawa. There are plenty of healthy snacks in there, but there are also so many terrible things for you (soda, candy, chips) that I am trying to avoid. My classmates ordered pizzas on Friday for lunch, which smelled delicious, and took a lot of self control to not grab a slice.


This past week I went out to a Mexican restaurant with some friends. I was nervous about this because it was the first time I had gone out to eat with friends since starting this. My best friend new I was doing this, but my other friends didn’t. I always get really self conscious when talking about changing the way I eat because I am bigger than my friends. They had gotten there a little before me and had ordered margaritas and chips with guacamole, salsa, and queso- all things that I love. At first I had a hard time not grabbing a chip and scooping some queso on it, all the while feeling awkward for being the only one not eating it. But the longer I sat there, the more OK I felt. I ordered fish, which was delicious. I left feeling great and really proud of myself. This was the perfect opportunity to mess everything up, and I didn’t!

The hardest part of this week was Sunday during and after my bike race. It was freezing cold outside, but once you got going you started working hard and sweating up a storm. When I finished, I was extremely thirsty and hungry. I grabbed a Gatorade from the car and drank it, ruining my Whole 30. Afterwards, I was upset at myself, but in hindsight, I should have been prepared for nutrition during and after my race. It was what I needed in the moment. I am going to keep going with my Whole 30 plan, staying positive and getting back on track. I am disappointed that I cannot say I completed the Whole 30, but I am proud of myself for continuing on this journey. If my biggest problem right now is that I messed up the Whole 30 by drinking some Gatorade, life isn’t so bad.

I am very thankful for the huge Whole 30 community that exists. I follow them now on social media which helps to keep me inspired and on track. They had a post earlier last week about what happens when you mess up, making me feel guilty. They also posted this list of tups from Physical Kitchness which has a great list of tips and tricks to get through these 30 days. I definitely am going to use these this during the week!


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