Workout Clothes

If I am not going to school or out with friends, and sometimes even then, I can almost always be found in athletic apparel. As soon as I get home, I take my real world clothes off and slip into some leggings. It has become such a habit that I almost hate wearing real clothes. My love for athletic apparel is only being made worse by all my favorite brands starting their own lines. Living in Philadelphia without an in unit washer dryer has really caused me to increase my amount of workout clothes. I used to run out of clothes every three days and have to spend $3.75 on a load of laundry, which is ridiculous. I felt like every week I was going to the bank to get another roll of quarters.

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Some other places I love to shop are Gap, Tory Burch, and Nike! Each brand has different strength and weaknesses that draw me to them. Sometimes I buy athletic clothing purely because it looks cute versus sometimes I need some really breathable athletic wear! It really depends on the activity (yoga, running, biking, hiking). Bulky clothing is something I tend to avoid for all activities!




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