The Weekly Update

This weekend I am so looking forward to hanging with my friends. I only have three weekends left this semester where I will actually be in Philadelphia and only five weeks total. For so long I wanted time to fly by and now I want time to slow down. When the semester ends, my friends and I spread out mostly across and east coast and some even farther west. We are celebrating our last weeks together by going to a 90’s cover band concert this weekend!


Maryland’s Big Win // Now that it is March, basketball has become more of a focus around the house. My family loves Maryland basketball. This weekend was a great weekend for both the men and women’s teams. Melo Trimble had a great winning shot against Michigan. I am excited for March Madness to begin!

This Duo // I stumbled across this girl, Mary, and her Aussie pup, Secret, who can perform the most amazing tricks. He can vacuum, Irish step dance, skate board, and even do yoga. They have such an amazing bond and work together so well. Watch some of their incredible videos to get inspired with your own dog!

These Photography Tips // I have been trying to get better at photography. I have a nice camera, but I honestly have no idea how to use i. I spend most of the time using the automatic setting on the camera. I recently purchased Adobe photoshop to help further edit my photos.This article has some nice tips that I cannot wait to try!

The Worst Dogs Ever // I am not biased at all when it comes to these guys! They do have a whole list of issues, but such big hearts. My dog makes me such a better person and I love having her by my side.

New Cookbook // I have loved following Joy the Baker. Her recipes are delicious and such crowd pleasers! I have her other cookbooks and cannot wait for her new book Over Easy to become available.  

Money Saving Tips // This is an older post I had bookmarked on my computer and found the other day. I think this is extremely important in today’s age of social media where it appears that everyone else around you is having more fun!

Emma Watson // She has always been someone I have admired, starting from when she played Hermione in Harry Potter. This article from Vanity Fair is a must read!



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