Top Mountain Biking Trails

I am fortunate to have traveled to many places for biking and for family trips. Now, I only started mountain biking less than two years ago, so I missed out on many of the places my family has gotten to bike. I was there, but I often skipped the biking part for other family activities. I was always so afraid of falling and getting hurt that I just didn’t bike. Looking back, I wish I had not been so scared. I say this after many falls and being OK after these falls, but I know everyone is not so lucky. This is coming from the same girl who broke her hand road biking without falling off the bike, which is weird and impressive.

Kingdom Trails, VT // My family raves about these trails. I was lucky/unlucky to have gotten to travel with my family on a trip here two summers ago. It was right after I started mountain biking, but this was when I had a broken hand and sidelined to dog walker. I did take the dogs for walks on these trails and was so envious of my family. The trails are extremely well kept with a ton of fast, flowy single-track. There are some fun obstacles and bridges built in. This is definitely a place I want to go and zoom down the trails. The one place here I got to enjoy the most with my broken-hand was meeting my family at night at the taco truck!

Bend, OR // I was able to road bike in Bend and the views are beautiful with a ton of great routes. My parents went out to go mountain biking here and said it was fantastic, and they only biked a small portion of the trails here. My mom kept picking out the trails that led to waterfalls. This is a bucket list destination! Plus there are a ton (over twenty) breweries here to check out!

crested butte

Crested Butte, CO // Starting at 8,909 feet above sea level, this is some of the best mountain biking around. There are some long, hard climbs with descents worth every single pedal stroke it took to get you there. My brother and dad have been out there and rave about the trails counting down the time until they get to go back.

Shenandoah, VA // Having just experience a smidgeon of these trails last week, I can definitely say they are worth the trip.  My brother, Heath, has been begging me to ride here and I am really glad I did. As I was pedaling the long ascents, I just kept remembering “what goes up, must come down”, and it sure did. The long long stretches of downhill single-track riding was awesome. A bucket list race for me is the Shenandoah 100, where I would get to experience 100 miles (or 10 long hours) of this beautiful mountain range.

Breckenridge, CO // There is nothing like Colorado, a place I would love to live. I don’t think you could ever get bored here, especially in a place like Breckenridge. We were able to do the Breck Epic, a six day race that toured through the mountains, last August. I was only able to do the last three days, but I really wish I could do more. There is nothing a great as going downhill for twenty minutes straight. On the right bike, you barely touch your brakes and just barrel down. This is definitely a place you need to get acclimated to before trying to get to the summit at over 13,000 feet, but worth every poorly oxygenated breath.

St. George, UT // The pictures and videos from this place are unbelievable. Much of these trails are on rocks with tight turns and drop offs. This place is definitely on my bucket list! I hope to be able to ride there one day and do the True Grit race.


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