Dog Birthdays

This week is Dizzy’s sixth birthday. This blows my mind that I have heard her for almost six years. It feels like just yesterday I brought her home. She has become the best part of my day- from the early morning wake up calls to the sunny hikes in the park, and even the rainy cold walks where she runs inside and immediately jumps in my bed- she always has the biggest smile on her face.

It is crazy to think that when I started vet school, she was only two! Now, she is going to be six. You would never guess that she is that old by the way she acts. She loves to play and constantly brings you toys to tug with. When she plays fetch, she is usually just trying to get the toy so the other dog doesn’t get it, such a herding dog.

Whenever her birthday comes around, I cannot decide if it is more for me or more for her. I love getting her new toys, but her toy bin is overflowing. She just isn’t one of those dogs who shreds their toys. Our toys only get destroyed through normal wear and tear, which tends to take a while.

Here are some ideas for doggy themed gifts!

Dog Toy Collage

blueprints // squeaky tennis balls // dental chews
bunny toy // lambchop // octopus // wobbler // everlasting treat
dog bed // dog bow tie // dog leash & collar


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